Brampton resident Beatriz is a building member of her Spanish community and church. In her community, there was a lack of available information and a prevalent stigma towards mental illness, so she decided to attend the Train the Trainers program at MIAG Centre for Diverse Women and Families.

Beatriz and 60 members of the African, Caribbean, East Asian, and Eastern European communities attended the 10 week course. Beatriz was able to refresh her knowledge of mental health she learned in university and gain new knowledge about mental health organizations in the Peel community and reducing stigma.

Beatriz returned to her community ready to share her knowledge. She ran mental health awareness workshops at her church and handed out information on where to access mental health supports. Now Beatriz describes how her community understands “the importance of taking care of the mind, just as we take care of our physical and spiritual health.”  With 60 new trainers going out into the community every year, awareness about mental health in Peel will continue to spread.

When you give to United Way, you give more than information on mental health to individuals. You give community members the power and possibility to educate the entire community on mental health, removing the stigma’s that prevent mental illnesses from being treated.