Most people in Donna’s small town knew how to communicate with her, despite her hearing loss, so moving to a retirement home in Peel presented new challenges.

“Adjusting to all these different voices and seldom having the opportunity to visit one on one, I was completely lost and despondent,” Donna explains.

With the help of Sunita from the Canadian Hearing Society, Donna became connected to a variety of services to help her adjust to her new environment and thrive. A CHS information package explained how to use Bell’s Relay Service for her telephone and a pager to let her know when someone is at the door. Sunita called regularly and made personal visits if any of Donna’s equipment malfunctioned.

“Sunita’s caring ways, along with the staff at CHS regarding hearing aid problems was way beyond anything I expected,” says Donna. “As difficult as this move has been, I’m uplifted and grateful for all the positives that exist, thanks to you.”

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