After emigrating from Hong Kong, Winnie wanted to get involved with her community and began volunteering with the Carefirst Seniors and Community Services Association. She worked with fellow volunteers to create a theatrical performance that would explain how to prevent elder abuse to members of the community. She performed at several Elder Abuse Prevention and Education Program workshops with great success.

After one of her performances, Winnie met with an audience member who expressed that they were being abused. “There is a saying in my country that what happens in families, stays in the family,” Winnie says. But after attending the elder abuse prevention classes, Winnie knew how to help. She convinced the individual to see a nurse about her injuries, and accompanied them to the social worker.

Today, Winnie says that “she would not have had the sensitivity, courage and confidence to help people protect themselves from abuse without the Elder Abuse Prevention and Education Program at Carefirst.”

When you give to Untied Way, you give more than information on abuse to seniors in our community. You give them the possibility to manage and prevent abuse for themselves, and the entire community.