Sara was in the final days of her pregnancy when she arrived at Interim Place. After her husband left for work, she packed her bags and three year old son, and left the abusive relationship once and for all. The abuse had gotten worse with her pregnancy, and Sara feared for the life of her unborn child.

It was only three days after her arrival at Interim Place that Sara was rushed to the hospital with contractions. Her son was in great hands with the Interim Place staff, and upon her return from the hospital, all three had a bed to sleep in and a roof over their heads. But Interim Place gave her so much more.

During her four month stay at Interim Place, staff connected her with legal counsel and provided her with economic support to put first and last month’s rent on an apartment. As a welcome home gift, Interim Place staff provided Sara and her children with new beds to sleep on and a few basic necessities like plates and toiletires. Now Sara and her children can lead a life free from violence. In Sara’s words, Interim Place was the “answer to her prayers.”

When you give to United Way, you give more than a safe place to stay for a victim of abuse. You give them the possibility of freedom from violence for them, their children and their children to come.