From early childhood Hudhayfah had difficulty learning. By grade four, he was diagnosed with Severe Communication and Language Impairment and placed in a special learning class. Hudhayfah didn’t like his new class because he felt ‘different’ and was determined to go back into the main schooling stream. 

“He consistently would ask me: ‘Why do I have trouble with my learning? Why me mama?’ With no real answers for a young child, I too struggled to understand, why?”

Hudhayfah’s mother knew he needed extra tutoring, but with four children she could not afford a private tutor. That’s when she discovered the Aspire program at Safe City Mississauga.

From day one, the Aspire staff catered to Hudhayfah’s individual needs.  They contacted his school and followed his Individualized Education Program. They worked on his homework at taught him valuable skills such as concentration and time management.  

By the end of grade five, Hudhayfah was soaring. He was honored with the Principal’s Award by his elementary school for demonstrating improved academic performance and school leadership. He was more confident in class, and was less concerned about his learning disability. Today,  Hudhayfah and his mother know that the sky is the limit for Hudhayfah to achieve his dreams.

When you give to United Way, you give more than homework help to a student struggling to learn. You give them confidence, and the possibility to succeed in their adult life.