I see a huge impact on my children. They are ready to learn. - Maria

Some of the most basic learning tools can be found in a classroom: pencils for the writing and erasers for the mistakes – building blocks that are needed to help kids succeed. Today, Maria’s children are using these tools in classrooms, ready to learn – and it’s thanks to a United Way-funded program at Caledon Parent-Child Centre.

After giving birth to her first child, Maria was house-bound, lonely and depressed. “You never think it’s going to happen to you. ‘Post-partum depression’ went from being a small section covered off in pre-natal classes, to my real life.”

But happy children need a strong, healthy mother.

Maria was referred to the Family Resource Program at Caledon Parent-Child Centre, where she learned to become a stronger, more effective parent. She built a support network that helped her through the birth of her second child.

Most importantly, Maria gained the skills and confidence she needed to help her kids be all they can be.

“I see a huge impact on my children. They are part of groups – they are learning how to share and participate in a classroom environment. They are ready to learn.”