Nashambi is a 23-year-old woman caring for her two young daughters; Eliana and Kateleia. This young family is facing challenges including; abuse, single-parenting, mental health issues, and disabilities.

Nashambi and her kids were physically abused by the girls’ father; this prompted Nashambi to move away and begin a new life as a single mother. This transition caused Nashambi to become depressed; she was concerned about her ability to provide for her family, and she felt alone and isolated during this difficult time. Nashambi also found herself struggling to care for her mother who suffered a brain aneurism, and as a result has the mental capacity of a seven year-old.

Nashambi needed help, so she reached out to a local United-Way funded agency that assists young mothers as they navigate their way through parenthood. Nashambi enrolled in counselling and parenting programs that offered advice to help manage her finances, and encouraged her skill development.

These programs served not only as a resource and educational tool, but also as a support system. Nashambi was, and is, so grateful for the opportunity to connect with other parents facing similar challenges; she refers to this program as “heaven-sent”.

In spite of her many challenges, Nashambi and her daughters are not only coping, but are thriving, thanks to the support of their community. Thanks to you!