Everyday Gina offers seniors in our community emotional support, remind them to take their medication and ensure that they are safe.

Gina Coleman works with people in our community who are struggling. This is a simple enough thing to say, but is a much more complex issue to take to heart. Fortunately, for the people she works with, Gina Coleman has a lot of heart. As Gina puts it, “I just love them with everything I have”.

Gina works at Telecare Brampton Inc., a multilingual distress line funded by United Way; which provides a listening, emotional, and crisis Support Line along with community information and a referral service.

Gina’s view is that “As a community, we need to pay attention, to really look and not see what we want to, but what is happening. That’s what United Way is to me.”

Your support of United Way, means that Telecare Brampton programs has the resources needed to keep the phone lines open, so they can provide support to seniors, the unemployed, those about to get divorced, those who are vulnerable, at their worst, and who are scared.

When Gina is asked “Why, why should I give? I work so hard, I have my own family, my challenges. Why should I give my money to United Way?” Gina gives the answer: “United Way to me is a First Aid for the soul. When you hurt yourself, you grab the First Aid kit, and you think, what do I use, what do I need, where do I go? It’s kind of like United Way. No matter what it is United Way can help you.”