In February 2014, United Way of Peel Region announced that three projects will be funded through its Strong Neighbourhood Grants:

  • The Journey Neighbourhood Centre (Brampton)
  • The Exchange (Caledon)
  • The Sheridan/Clarkson Neighbourhood Family Program (Mississauga).

The Strong Neighbourhood Grants total $240,000 over two years. They will support community integration, improved access to services and supports, and ensure residents have a say in the solutions implemented in their own neighbourhood.

The three funded projects will increase access to services and resources to the residents of these neighbourhoods and will support further community integration. In addition, they will also provide a platform for residents to be engaged in and to inform programs to build positive changes in their lives.

The Journey Neighbourhood Centre (Brampton)

This project is a partnership of community organizations, municipal government, agencies and residents to engage residents to improve the quality of life in the Ardglen neighbourhood. This project builds on the community engagement work that began two years ago. This Neighbourhood Centre will provide access to some much needed services like a homework club for children, parenting education and support services, seniors drop in, community safety workshops and addiction support right in the neighbourhood.

“The support from United Way will really empower us to move forward in our work in the Ardglen neighbourhood,” said Jamie Holtom, Chair of the Journey Neighbourhood Centre. “Through cooking classes for teens, homework clubs for kids, free family nights providing no cost entertainment, and many other programs that include job creation and home ownership, we hope to work to bring positive change to this community.”

The Exchange: Neighbourhood Development through a Community Hub (Caledon)

This project is a partnership between eight agencies to co-ordinate service planning and delivery at The Exchange. Through this funding, a community facilitator will be able to link the residents of Caledon to the services provided through this hub. By engaging residents in discussions about what kinds of services they need, and how The Exchange can respond to the changing needs of the residents, the community facilitator will build community connections and synergy to inform new programs and services offered through the hub.

"Nine Caledon organizations are very eager to work closely with one another in support of The Exchange, our new community hub", noted Monty Laskin, CEO of Caledon Community Services. "We are all grateful to the United Way of Peel Region for their encouragement of important neighbourhood development work in Caledon"

The Sheridan/Clarkson Neighbourhood Family Program (Mississauga)

This project is a partnership of agencies that will provide services to connect the entire family. The project has programs that cater to youth and adults. In the previous year, residents in the neighbourhood were engaged to identify supports and services they need in their own backyard. This project builds on previous work which identified the need for services to link adults to employment and income generation. In addition, through this funding, youth will be able to visit a youth centre on five afternoons of the week.

"The grant will help many families who are struggling with poverty, unemployment, isolation and inactivity,” said Andrea Basic, Program Manager, Polcultural Immigrant and Community Services. “The project is crucial for the neighbourhood and will provide a well-rounded program for a complete family.”