United Way of Peel Region launches more focused investment strategy

MISSISSAUGA (March 28, 2013) – Earlier today, United Way of Peel Region announced how it is investing the majority of the money raised in its 2012 campaign. Approximately $7.2-million will be distributed to programs, services and initiatives based in Peel.  This investment will support specific strategies to move people out of poverty, provide them with opportunities that lead to an improved quality of life and prevent people from falling into poverty.

  • $1.2-million will be invested in the people of Peel experiencing poverty – our Poverty to Possibility focus area:
    • Supporting people to get back on their feet by making sure they have access to the most basic needs in life – food, emergency shelter and transitional housing supports
  • $2.5-million will be invested in the children and youth of Peel to prevent poverty – our All That Kids Can Be focus area:
    • Helping to put vulnerable children and youth on the right path for success in school and in life
  • $3.5-million will be invested in individuals vulnerable to falling into poverty – our Healthy People, Strong Communities focus area:
    • Providing supports for people and families dealing with mental illness, disability and violence, and increasing awareness of mental health to reduce stigma.

“We are committed to investing donor dollars and the community's resources where they are needed most and where they will have the greatest impact,” says Shelley White, president and CEO of United Way. “Our sharpened focus and our commitment to investing in effective programs that demonstrate results are key parts of this story.”
This year marked the introduction of a new approach to funding, intended to further strengthen United Way’s ability to engage new partners and encourage innovation. For the first time in recent years, United Way issued an open call for proposals, inviting not-for-profit organizations to submit proposals for support of programs and initiatives that will improve our collective ability to make change happen in key priority areas.

“The response to the call for proposals is testament to the strength of the agency sector in our community and the need in our community,” says Joanne Pattison, chair of the volunteer-driven Community Investment Cabinet. “Sixty-seven agencies submitted a total of 139 program proposals totalling $12.8-million. Many of them showed great promise in moving the needle on our priority goals. We are able to fund 91 programs and initiatives directly as a result of this year’s call for proposals this year, including 32 new programs. Some of those programs will be delivered through eight agencies new to United Way funding.”

“Our announcement today is about investing donor dollars in a smarter way that will create meaningful, measurable and enduring change in our community,” said Shaila Mehta, chair of United Way’s Board. “It’s about making sure donors can see the link between their donations and the changes that result — changes to people’s lives today, and lasting changes in our community. That’s what our donors expect of us and that’s what we are committed to delivering.”

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