United Way and Region of Peel distribute $262,517 in grants for neighbourhood development projects

MISSISSAUGA (January 18, 2013) – The members of the Colonial Terrace /Forest Ridge, Springfield Gardens ‘Ladies First’ – Cooperative Social Enterprise are focused on making their neighbourhood stronger. The community empowerment program gives women a platform to socialize and build trust, to develop leadership skills and create a sense of belonging. They just needed some financial support to make it happen. So they applied for a Neighbourhood Development Grant funded jointly by United Way of Peel Region and Region of Peel. After being notified it will receive a $15,000, the ‘Ladies First’ – Cooperative Social Enterprise is ready to get to work.


“Research shows that when residents are engaged in where they live, communities are safer and more productive,” says United Way President and CEO Shelley White.

Grants totaling $262,517 will fund resident-led projects across Brampton and Mississauga.

In addition to ‘Ladies First’ – Cooperative Social Enterprise, the following 19 projects are receiving Neighbourhood Development Grants:

Sheridan Neighbourhood Active Living – This project will promote healthy living in the Sheridan community through physical fitness and educational sessions that support building healthy families and a safe community. The project will be offered in 36 weekly sessions.

Accessible Opportunities for Malton Families – An outreach program within Lancaster Public School in Malton that helps build partnerships with families and strengthen and empower parents with stronger sense of parenting and parent engagement.

180 Merge Development/Global 180 Student Communications – This project will form two youth leadership teams to mentor and develop leaders between the ages of 14 and 19 and will in turn oversee and run events for other youth throughout the year.

Breakfast Clubs Malton-Ridgewood and Rexwood Breakfast Program – Children in grades 1 through 12 will receive a healthy breakfast and learn how to make healthy choices through healthy eating, and diet and ensuring that community youth are healthy, active and ready to learn.

Success with Age and Guidance (S.W.A.G)  – S.W.A.G aims to foster youth resident participation through community organizing and program implementation for Youth age 15-24 who may be living high risk lifestyles and are at risk of falling through the cracks. The program will focus on mentorship, critical discussions, life skills and developing personal and professional plans for success.

Service Delivery Networks Committee – Meetings will be held in five neighbourhoods with a large population of newcomers to inform and provide insight into service access and service delivery gaps experienced by residents in each neighborhood.

Seniors and Youth Initiative for Inclusive Neighborhoods - Community Environment Alliance –This youth led project will provide opportunities for seniors and youth from the neighborhoods around the Blue Oak Park in Brampton, to build socially inclusive, diverse and safe neighborhoods. The project aims to empower seniors to help them get over some of their communication barriers and lessen the inter-generational gap in families of the neighborhood.

Youth and Seniors Community Garden – A community garden project that pairs youth and seniors in preparation, maintenance and harvesting of a community garden. The group will maintain and harvest fruit and vegetables.

Jet Mentoring Programs – a resident-led drop-in basketball program for youth in grades 6 through 8 that will be held on Friday evenings at Hewson Public School and Lagerquist Public School in Brampton.

"For the Community, By the Community"- Bethesda Common Group –The project will bring residents together through meetings and fundraiser events culminating in a cultural extravaganza titled "Love in Many languages" to reflect the diversity of the community.  

After School Program – Citizens for the Advancement of Community Development (CACD) – Two after school programs will be held targeting middle school students aged 11-13 and secondary school students aged 14-18. The middle school program will feature activities such as social skills lessons, music/dance/video classes, photography, art, reading, homework club and yoga. The secondary school program will include life skills training, mentorship development, leadership development and CPR/First aid training.

Malton Black Development Association's MDBA After School and Summer Program –Youth leaders from the Malton Community will organize an after school and summer program that will include sports, health and nutrition discussion and activities to build self-esteem and discourage crime related and other antisocial behaviour.  

Mississauga Seniors Club – This project hopes to reduce isolation and loneliness among senior citizens in the South Commons Community.

Be Set Be Safe – A neighbourhood watch program in Mississauga which will include sessions with Peel Police and community events so that residents can socialize and get to know one another.

Meadowvale Neighbours Cafe – A community drop-in that hopes to reduce isolation among residents near the Battleford location of the Eden Community Food Bank. The drop-in will be operated during food bank hours and hosted by residents and volunteers.

The Mississauga Fruit Tree: Growing Youth and Trees –The grant will fund workshops that bring Malton residents together to focus on sharing locally grown, nutritious food, preservation, canning, healthy food preparation and as well as planting and maintenance of fruit trees.

Clarkson Community at Peace (CCAP) –The grant will be used for community activities that promote a safe, nurturing and inclusive community.  

About Neighbourhood Development grants
Neighbourhood Development grants were developed in 2007 to support the involvement of residents, community and grass-roots organizations in creating concepts and plans designed to strengthen their neighbourhoods. The grants fund projects that empower residents to take leadership roles in developing programs and activities that enhance the quality of life in their neighbourhoods. United Way of Peel Region issues the grants and distributes them through several local registered charities that provide financial oversight to the projects.

About United Way of Peel Region
United Way of Peel Region inspires people from all walks of life to come together to raise funds, volunteer and stimulate policy and attitude changes that lead to the improvement of people’s quality of life in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga. United Way’s community investment focus is on helping individuals and families move from a life of poverty to one full of possibilities, ensuring all children have the opportunity to be all they can be, and building healthy, strong communities. For more information on United Way’s work in the community visit:


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