United Way of Peel Region funding strategy more focused

MISSISSAUGA (December 5, 2012) – In 2011, United Way of Peel Region embarked on a community engagement and consultation process to redesign its investment strategy and guide its approach to community investment and fund distribution beginning in April 2013.

The rigour and work invested in this change process was extensive. United Way brought people and resources together to create an innovative community investment strategy that will measurably improve our community.

The new strategy focuses on innovative solutions to critical challenges facing vulnerable populations in Peel Region and is aligned with United Way Centraide’s new national brand strategy. Based on research and best practices, and validated through continuing work with community partners, we are confident this strategy will result in meaningful and measurable change for the better.
The local goals and objectives are focused on:

  • Moving people from poverty to possibility
  • Building healthy people, strong communities
  • Helping kids be all they can be

Based on Peel Region’s demographics and social challenges, poverty is foundational as the connecting theme of the strategy. As of April 2013, United Way will:

  • Invest in children and youth to prevent poverty.
  • Invest in individuals vulnerable to falling into poverty.
  • Invest in individuals experiencing poverty.

“By focusing our resources on specific, targeted issues, we can have the greatest return on investment for our donors who share our concerns, and the greatest impact in changing lives,” says Shelley White, CEO, United Way of Peel Region.

Priorities where we believe we can have long-term, significant impact were adopted in each focus area: ensuring people have access to the most basic needs in life – food security, emergency shelter and transitional housing supports; giving children a good start in life so they are ready to learn when they start school; helping children and youth succeed; increasing the capacity of parents to support their children; supporting mental health programs for youth; providing support to those who have been abused; supporting people facing challenges related to mental health and disabilities; working to increase public awareness of mental health and mental illness to reduce stigmatization; ensuring there are government policies in place that lift people from poverty and build their independence.

“We are energized by this focus,” says White. “It is our hope the public will join with us in creating real impact on social conditions through their financial support and volunteer efforts. United, we can effect real and positive social change.”

Open call for applications

United Way of Peel Region is accepting applications aligned with the new community investment strategy. The current Community Priorities Funding opportunity is open to all non-profit charitable organizations in Peel Region who are delivering programs and services in any of the three focus areas. Applications are available at Applications will be accepted until December 20, 2012 at 4:30 p.m.

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