United Way of Peel Region is an organization that cares about helping people now and in the future. The Forever Fund ensures that this tradition of caring continues into the future for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

When you make a gift to The Forever Fund, the capital remains intact, only the income earned is used. This perpetuates your gift for the benefit of generations to come and allows United Way of Peel Region to make long-range plans.

All assets of The Forever Fund are professionally managed to achieve a balance between long-term security of capital, asset growth and a level of annual income that will allow for the funding of vital health and human care services.

When you make a donation to The Forever Fund, you may choose to direct it to one of the following funds: The General Fund, Special Interest Funds and Named Funds.

The General Fund supports a wide variety of health and human care programs. The investment income is directed to programs and services recommended by United Way of Peel Region's experienced Citizen Review volunteers.

A Named Fund can be established either by a lifetime gift or by a bequest. Funds can be named for donations over $10,000.

For more information, please contact Kimberley Souliere, Director, Individual Giving at 905-602-3633 or