United Way of Peel Region

Chinese Advisory Council

The Chinese Advisory Council was formed to assists United Way in understanding the needs and challenges of Peel’s Chinese community and in building strong community relationships. The formation of the Chinese Advisory Council is part of a broader United Way initiative to foster and build relationships within ethno-specific communities in Peel.

  • Yeung Lau, Co-Chair
  • Sophine Duan, Co-Chair
  • Josephine Bau, Honorary Chair



  • Kathy Chan
  • Shirley Cheng
  • Yan Chen
  • Tian Yue Chow
  • Nelly Gong
  • Gary Gu
  • Kejia Hu
  • Virginia Lawrence
  • Crystal Liu
  • Rena Lu
  • Vi Phan
  • Jin Xu

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