United Way of Peel Region

Black Community Advisory Council

The Black Community Advisory Council (BCAC) was formed to assist in developing and executing strategies that address key issues affecting Peel’s Black community. The BCAC serves to give voice to the needs and challenges faced by the Black community in Peel and to work towards a healthier more integrated and vibrant community.

  • Len Carby, Chair
  • Leon A. Barrett
  • Charmayne Brown
  • Sophia Brown-Ramsay
  • Angela Carter
  • Roxanne Challenger
  • Michelle Clarke
  • Theresa Darby
  • Madeline Edwards
  • Megan Femi-Cole
  • Myrtle Gordon
  • Jacqueline Guishard
  • Julian Harsford
  • Sandra Johnson
  • George Martin
  • Sylvia Morrison
  • Valerie O’Neale
  • Danielle Reynolds
  • Sylvia Morrison
  • Valerie O’Neale
  • Danielle Reynolds
  • Mitchell Tate
  • Dominica Whittaker
  • Kelly-Ann Williams
  • Sharron Williams

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