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Moving people from poverty to possibility


We are all vulnerable to poverty. Poverty is a big thread that runs through many social and health issues in our neighbourhoods. The individuals and families most vulnerable to poverty are also among the fastest-growing in Peel — single parents, young families with children, seniors living alone, people with disabilities, recent immigrants and individuals who are racialized.

226,000 people in Peel live in poverty and struggle with basic needs such as housing, food and transportation.

In 1980, 2% of Peel’s neighbourhoods were considered low income. Today it’s 45%.

More than 50% of people are one paycheque from a financial crisis.


Your commitment and support helps ensure everyone has access to the most basic needs in life — food security, emergency shelter and transitional housing supports. Together, we are working to help people in crisis.


United Way provides access to critical community-based services. We work to ensure everyone has enough to eat, a safe place to sleep and a chance at a better future. But meeting urgent needs alone isn’t enough. We work with community leaders and government to make sure there are policies in place that lift people from poverty and build their independence.

Investments made in 2016/17

$882,187 invested to help people in crisis in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga.

2016/17 Results

30,205 individuals in crisis accessed programs to help move them from poverty to possibility.

12 programs and services offered help with food, shelter and employment.

4,747 individuals were able to access shelters and transitional housing through United Way-funded programs.

29,788 individuals accessed United Way-funded food programs that provided healthy and nutritious meals.

91% of individuals who participated in United Way-funded programs focusing on healthy eating reported that they are now eating healthier food more frequently as a result of the program.

196 individuals were able to access housing that was previously inaccessible.

United Way worked in partnership with Maytree Foundation to host 15 Lived Experience Community Conversations to engage individuals with lived experience of homelessness and precarious housing in the National Housing Strategy Consultation process. Over 150 people in Peel participated. This information was compiled into a submission on behalf of individuals with lived experience across Canada and will be used to inform the National Housing Strategy going forward.

On February 17, 2017, 141 people spent the night sleeping in their cars for #LongestNightPeel.

They participated to raise funds and awareness about homelessness in our community.  

Social media was filled with stories of isolation, fear, disbelief and personal reflection as participants shared their experiences using #LongestNightPeel. Donors, volunteers agency partners including representatives from labour, and United Way’s Black Community Advisory Council, Chinese Community Advisory Council, South Asian Advisory Council and Young Leaders Council participated. The event raised over $110,000. These funds will support United Way’s homelessness strategy.

United Way of Peel Region

The data in this report was collected by our United Way agency partners from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017. As much as possible we have tried to avoid duplication, however this data does not reflect unique individuals served, as clients may access a program several times and/or more than one program within an agency or between agencies.