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Meet Loretta

Meet Loretta.

People are left homeless for many reasons; loss of job, illness, and sometimes teenagers are being kicked out of their home because of their sexual orientation or because of a disagreement with family members. These kids can’t rent somewhere because of their lack of credit. People deserve better than this.

I’m participating in #LongestNightPeel this year to draw attention to youth homelessness. There are two youth shelters in Peel – one just opened this year and it is already running at full capacity.

I’m not sure if sleeping in my car on February 17 will be any colder than it was when I slept in the Andes. It was so cold my tent had ice. But that was my choice. Not everyone in Peel is as fortunate as I am. Nobody should have to spend the night on the streets. Everyone deserves a warm, safe place to sleep – especially our children.


#LongestNightPeel is an annual event held by United Way of Peel Region that encourages individuals and families to spend one night in their car and fundraise. Through real life participation, participants will gain a better understanding of the daily challenges faced by children and adults living in poverty; and will be encouraged to play a part in helping to end homelessness in Peel Region.

This year #LongestNightPeel is taking place on Friday, February 17.

Although anyone can participate in #LongestNightPeel, a few high profile individuals in our community are leading the fundraising initiative.


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