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We remember.

Written by // Shelley White

We remember.

We are in the season of wearing lush red poppies on our chests.

Children are in classrooms reciting John McCrae’s famous poem, ‘In Flanders Field’.

Teachers, community leaders, and politicians everywhere are commemorating the importance of Remembrance Day, and how the sacrifices these soldiers made have shaped this amazing country we live in.

Integrity, values, and dedication to this nation are what we are celebrating this Remembrance day on November 11th.


Together we can build an inclusive community

Written by // Shelley White

At United Way of Peel Region, we are very concerned about the increasing expressions of Islamophobia and Xenophobia in our community. We believe this warrants a deliberate and conscious strategy of public education and awareness building to ensure that all members of our community are respected and that we are building an inclusive community.

United Way of Peel Region is committed to working in partnership with our community partners to reduce the socio-economic disparities and exclusion of vulnerable communities throughout Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon. In particular, we have heard from our ethno-specific Community Advisory Councils and Young Leaders Council who are engaged and concerned members of the Region. The high youth unemployment rate; the increasing divide in neighbourhoods that have and those that do not; the lack of services and exclusion of the LGBTQ2S communities in Regional discourse is alarming.


Can you Make the Month?

Categories // From poverty to possibility

Find out with United Way’s Digital Poverty Simulation

Put yourself in this scenario: your child wants to play soccer with their friends. To make this happen, you would need to pay the registration fees and buy equipment, but since your rent payment came out of your bank account yesterday you only have $50 dollars to spend.

There’s only one way this scenario can unfold. You can’t afford to have your child play soccer, and not only are they really disappointed, but they miss out on the opportunity to be active, learn how to socialize and participate in a team sport.

These are the kinds of tough decisions the United Way Make the Month digital poverty simulation challenges you to overcome.


Poverty is not a bad word

Written by // Shelley White

Poverty is not a bad word

The word, poverty, conjures up stereotypes and myths. There is a lot of shame and stigma around poverty. And that is unfair. Because, the truth is, we are all susceptible to falling into poverty.

Poverty can happen to anybody.

Marriage breakdown. Family Illness. When more than 50% of people are only one paycheque away from financial crisis, it’s easy to see that it doesn’t take much for someone to tip over that invisible line and fall into poverty.


“Every room was stained with memories of my mom.”

Written by // Roy Saad Categories // From poverty to possibility

“Every room was stained with memories of my mom.”

A couple of days ago I listened to an 18-year old girl say those powerful words.

Never have I been so shaken. I've heard hundred of speakers share their powerful stories but this one hit me hard. When Jasmine was 15 her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Four months later, she was dead leaving Jasmine with an abusive father and a neglectful grandfather. She soon found herself homeless – bouncing from friend to friend – when her family moved to another country without her. In less than one year she lost her entire support network. She was only 17. Jasmine will join us this Friday during our Kick-off event where she will share her journey. With the help of United Way funded agencies including The Dam and Our Place Peel, Jasmine has a shot at a better life - one that is full of possibilities instead of despair, drug abuse and danger.

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