The Black Community Advisory Council (BCAC) was established in February 2010. It assists United Way in understanding the needs and challenges faced by Blacks in Peel and in building strong community relationships. The formation of the Black Community Advisory Council is part of a broader United Way initiative to foster and build relationships and address key social issues within ethno-specific communities in Peel. The Council is a volunteer group of members of the Black community living or working in Peel region. Council members are of African descent including continental Africans or those who identify with being from the African Diaspora (Canada, Caribbean, South America, North America etc.)

The Council serves to provide the diverse Black community in Peel with a voice in the United Way of Peel Region activities including providing recommendations and strategies to address identified issues, ways to promote achievements in the Black community and undertake initiatives to support United Way’s work.

There are 131,060 Black persons living in Peel representing 15.3% of the Peel Region population.

Not at the Margins: A Conversation about Mental Health

Join us as we launch Black History Month with

  • Networking
  • Breakfast Buffet
  • Panel Discussion
  • Awards

The panel will involve an in depth conversation about mental health and the Black Community in Peel focused on a commitment to find tangible solutions and develop critical next steps in partnership

This is an opportunity to bring together voices from community leaders, business leaders and policy makers.

Click here to purchase tickets to Not at the Margins: A Conversation about Mental Health on February 2, 2018.

Nominations are currently being accepted for the Awards portion of Not at the Margins: A Conversation about Mental Health. Awards will be presented in the following categories:

Black Community Advisory Council Activities

bcac fact sheet 2016 17 1Reports on the Black Population in Peel

Black Community Advisory Council Mentoring Program

The Black Community Advisory Council of United Way of Peel Region and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel have developed a mentoring program for black children and youth in Peel. We are currently seeking black volunteers who are interested in being matched.

Please click here to download the volunteer application form from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel. Click here to download a flyer about the mentoring program.

Black Community Advisory Council

Chair: Len Carby

  • Peter Amponsah
  • Leon A. Barrett
  • Charmayne Brown
  • Joycelet Brown
  • Sophia Brown-Ramsay
  • Angela Carter
  • Roxanne Challenger
  • Michelle Clarke
  • Theresa Darby
  • Madeline Edwards
  • Carissa Gravelle
  • Myrtle Gordon
  • Jacqueline Guishard
  • George Martin
  • Jonathan Mitchell
  • Sylvia Morrison
  • Valerie O’Neale
  • Mitchell Tate
  • Daniel Yeboah

To join or find out more contact Kisha Goode at 905-602-3640 or