In our ongoing efforts to build and promote inclusion in our community, United Way has developed three advisory councils. The Chinese, South Asian and Black community advisory councils are part of a diversity outreach initiative by United Way to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and strengths of Peel’s diverse community. The councils also provide a strong voice for each community as well as an opportunity to engage in identifying and addressing gaps in service.

Black Community Advisory Council

The Black Community Advisory Council was formed to assist in developing and executing strategies that address key challenges affecting Peel’s Black community. The Council is comprised of people from different segments of the Black community including African, Caribbean, Canadian, and anyone whose ethnic or ancestral origins are in Africa. Members represent different sectors including business, health, education and the community. In 2006 more than 95,000 Blacks resided in Peel, comprising 8.3% of Peel’s total population and 16.6% of the total visible minority population. The BCAC officially launched in February 2010.

Chinese Advisory Council

Established in 2006, the Chinese Advisory Council is a voluntary community group whose purpose is to assist and provide recommendations to United Way on understanding the needs and challenges of Peel’s Chinese community. United Way's Chinese Advisory Council provides advice and support to United Way as it continues to engage diverse communities in its work. The Chinese community numbers more than 40,000 people in Peel.

South Asian Advisory Council

The South Asian Advisory Council, also known as Apna Peel, was established in May 2009. It assists the United Way in understanding the needs and challenges of Peel’s South Asian community and in building strong community relationships. The council is a group of volunteers of South Asian descent either working of living in the Region of Peel. The South Asian community in Peel numbers more than 40,000.