Diversity policy

United Way of Peel Region respects, values and celebrates the diversity of people who make up our community. In its commitment to excellence and fairness United Way seeks to recognize and remove barriers to full participation in all United Way activities by individuals and organizations.

As a fundamental principle, United Way will be fair and equitable in its practices by observing not only the letter, but the spirit of the Ontario Human Rights Code. This will be done by recognizing, acknowledging and respecting the diversity of the population of Peel. Diversity is a very broad issue and may encompass and include, but is not limited to the following:

  • race
  • record of offences
  • place of origin
  • handicap or disability
  • colour
  • sexual orientation
  • creed or religion
  • sex
  • age
  • parental or family status
  • citizenship
  • ethnic origin
  • marital status
  • income level
  • work experience
  • literacy levels
  • cultural tradition
  • ancestry
  • educational background
  • same sex partnerships
  • geographic location