Dr. Anil Gupta

Staff Cardiologist, Medical Director, CCU and Clinical Cardiology, Trillium Health Partners

Dr. Anil Gupta

In addition to his role at Trillium Health Partners, Dr. Anil Gupta is a lecturer with the UTM Medical School and a partner at the Mississauga Clinical Research Centre. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree and Doctor in Medicine degrees from Dalhousie University and Internal and Cardiology Residency from University of Western Ontario.

Dr. Gupta has done extensive research in smoking cessation and cardiac related areas of study. He is actively involved in Board and committee work at Trillium Health Partners, as the Innovation Lead and Inpatient Lead for the Cardiac program. He participates in athletics as a consultant cardiologist to Canada Basketball and volunteer with Tennis Canada. His areas of expertise are public policy, strategic planning, research, and community development. Dr. Gupta lives in Mississauga.

Dr. Gupta was elected to United Way’s Board of Directors in 2013.